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Door Security Bolts

Door security bolts, also known as

rack bolts are a great addition to any wooden door.

They can offer additional security to an external wooden door, to compliment your existing mortice lock and or nightlatch (also known as a Yale lock).

Wooden Door Security Bolts

It’s important that you don’t rely on these security bolts as your primary door lock.

Normally installed in pairs, each lock would be morticed into the door, one at the top and one at the bottom.  They are operated with a star shaped key, normally from only one side but they can be operated from both sides if required.

They are great to use to restrict access to certain areas on internal wooden / timber doors.  Unlike a normal door lock which would only take a half or full turn of the key to throw the bolt, the star shaped key requires a few turns to gradually extend the bolt which then goes into the frame of the door.

Mortice rack bolt in door fitted by Bradford Locksmith Gary

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