What are Sash Jammers?

Sash Jammers

You may have heard of sash jammers, but what are they?

Are sash jammers any good?

Can I install sash jammers myself?

Let’s take a look;

As a local Bradford locksmiths I always advise on fitting sash jammers whenever possible.  There are some circumstances where sash jammers cannot be installed, which is why I always offer free locksmith Bradford home visits.

This image shows a single sash jammer along with the other pieces it comes with in order to correctly install it.


Sash Jammer Kit Locksmiths Bradford

Sash jammers are a simple idea and designed to compliment your existing door and window security.  Fitted to doors and windows that open inwards or outwards, sash jammers help to prevent the door or window being opened if the other security has been compromised, such as the door lock and handle.

Sash jammers should not be relied upon as the primary source of security on a door or window, and if you have a door or window where the lock is not working, but you have a sash jammer, I strongly suggest that you contact your local locksmith so he or she can fix the door or window.

It is recommended that sash jammers should be installed to all doors and windows on the ground floor of a property.  Usually a minimum of two sash jammers per door, and two per window depending upon the size of the window.  It’s not always possible to install sash jammers however, as they are quite a bulky device, and not all doors have enough room around the frame to fit a sash jammer in.  In this case you should consult your local locksmith for advice on alternative security measures.

Fab and Fix locking sash jammer on window

The image above shows a sash jammer installed to a window and in the locked position.  Some sash jammers are lockable which means that they come with what is known as a “lock block” and key.  When unlocked, the small block comes away from the sash jammer so it can be operated, and when locked, the lock block is put into place and locked.  This prevents the sash jammer from being operated.

As you can see from the photo, the sash jammer is installed in such a way that the “arm” comes down from the top.  When installing on a door it is vital that it is not installed in this orientation because if the sash jammer arm starts to become loose over time, you can run the risk of it dropping down and potentially locking you out of your property.  So the sash jammer must be installed the other way round so that the arm comes up from the bottom.

Correctly Installed Sash Jammer

The photo above shows a correctly installed sash jammer on a door, and as you can see, if it was to fail for whatever reason, the sash jammer arm will just fall down…..no lockout caused!

So, can i just screw a sash jammer into the frame?  Well, yes and no.  It would depend upon the structure of your UPVC frame.  Some UPVC frames have steel box section reinforcement inside the UPVC, in this case you can use the supplied self tapping screws and fix straight to the steel frame within.  This will give a good solid fix.

However, if your frame has no steel reinforcement, then simpy screwing into the UPVC will not provide a solid fix.  In this case you must use the supplied jack nuts and bolts.  Check the instructions that come with your sash jammers in order to do this correctly, or consult your local locksmith to have them professionally or correctly installed.

As always, I offer free help and advice and you can contact me via my contact page here, or via my business facebook page here.

Locksmith Work

Todays locksmith work in Bradford

included attending a property for a landlord who’s tenant couldn’t close the door. I actually attended yesterday and because the part had to be ordered, I made the door secure for the night.

I returned today to install the new GU Ferco multipoint mechanism, and threw in a brand new pair of Ferko UPVC door handles for free……because I’m kind like that 😀

Are you a landlord, lettings agent or HMO owner?  Get in touch with me if you should require the services of a Bradford locksmith.

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Change key safe combination

How to change key safe combination code

This post and video covers the Burton Safes Keyguard Combi key safe, but the principal will be pretty much the same with other key safes in the same category, on how to change or set the combination code.

With the key safe door removed, you need to ensure that the current code is already set.  From new, this will be at 0,0,0,0

Turning the door over you can now move the code set pin, push it down then to the right so it sits in the small recess.  Then turn the door over to view the combination wheels and set them to your desired code.  The numbers you choose must line up with the centre line indicated by the red arrow.

Once you have set your new code, push the code set pin back to the left and it will spring back into place.  That’s your new code set!

Check my other blog post for a review of the Keyguard Combi key safe.

Burton Safes Key Safe

Burton Safes Key Safe – Keyguard Combi

This is a really budget friendly key safe from Burton Safes.

Small but very roomy with plenty of space for keys.  When I looked at this key safe I could fit three euro cylinder keys and two mortice lock keys, and still have room for more keys.

It’s front panel comes away from the key safe so you have full access to the recess, and it’s easy to set and change the code, which I cover this in another video.  It is supplied with the wall fixings and weather resistant rubber cover.  Topped off with a 5 year guarantee!  What’s not to like?

These Burton Safes Keyguard Combi Key Safes are only £29.99 plus postage. Available from my ebay page, facebook shop or just get in touch to arrange purchase.

Crime Stats December 2019


Crime Stats December 2019

show that there were 456 reported instances of burglary in Bradford City, Bradford East, West, South and Shipley!*

Please don’t wait until you become one of these statistics, get in touch now to talk about your home security! Click any of my social media icons below.

Burglary Crime Stats

Cheap Snap Safe Lock


Cheap Snap Safe Locks

When it comes to your security, “if it sounds too good to be true, it DEFINITELY is!”

One of my customers today wanted me to install a 3 star Sold Secure Diamond euro cylinder, as she was concerned that this cylinder which had recently been installed, was not to standard….as it only cost £9.00!!! She was right. I supplied and installed the Brisant Ultion 3 Star Sold Secure Diamond lock.

Cheap Snap Safe Lock on Emergency Bradford Locksmith Leaflet

West Yorkshire Police Advice

Euro Cylinder Lock Advice


West Yorkshire Police

have some great advice about euro cylinder locks, somethimes these are referred to as anti snap locks (although I am not a fan of that terminology because I think this gives the impression that the lock cannot be snapped.  I talk about this a little more in my FAQ’s on this page.) and they have a document which explains how euro cylidner locks are rated in terms of security, high security handles, the recommended security for your doors, and how to measure a euro cylinder lock if you want to replace it yourself.  Click this image to open the PDF and get in touch if you have any questions!

Ultion Locks Upgraded

Ultion Locks Upgraded

A busy day today, more burglary prevention measures with the Ultion WXM 3* Sold Secure Diamond lock, which stops burglars in their tracks.  It’s £1000 guarantee backs this up!
Click the link below to find out more about the Ultion lock, and my video here explains why you should have anti snap locks such as the Ultion in your doors.  Contact me if you have any questions.
Ultion WXM - Find Out More
Ultion Locks Upgraded in Patio French Doors for Locksmith Bradford