Crime Stats December 2019


Crime Stats December 2019

show that there were 456 reported instances of burglary in Bradford City, Bradford East, West, South and Shipley!*

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Burglary Crime Stats

Cheap Snap Safe Lock


Cheap Snap Safe Locks

When it comes to your security, “if it sounds too good to be true, it DEFINITELY is!”

One of my customers today wanted me to install a 3 star Sold Secure Diamond euro cylinder, as she was concerned that this cylinder which had recently been installed, was not to standard….as it only cost £9.00!!! She was right. I supplied and installed the Brisant Ultion 3 Star Sold Secure Diamond lock.

Cheap Snap Safe Lock on Emergency Bradford Locksmith Leaflet

West Yorkshire Police Advice

Euro Cylinder Lock Advice


West Yorkshire Police

have some great advice about euro cylinder locks, somethimes these are referred to as anti snap locks (although I am not a fan of that terminology because I think this gives the impression that the lock cannot be snapped.  I talk about this a little more in my FAQ’s on this page.) and they have a document which explains how euro cylidner locks are rated in terms of security, high security handles, the recommended security for your doors, and how to measure a euro cylinder lock if you want to replace it yourself.  Click this image to open the PDF and get in touch if you have any questions!

Ultion Locks Upgraded

Ultion Locks Upgraded

A busy day today, more burglary prevention measures with the Ultion WXM 3* Sold Secure Diamond lock, which stops burglars in their tracks.  It’s £1000 guarantee backs this up!
Click the link below to find out more about the Ultion lock, and my video here explains why you should have anti snap locks such as the Ultion in your doors.  Contact me if you have any questions.
Ultion WXM - Find Out More
Ultion Locks Upgraded in Patio French Doors for Locksmith Bradford

British Standard Mortice Lock

British Standard Unions % lever mortice lock Bradford
British Standard, 5 lever mortice lock installed.

External doors should have British Standard Mortice Locks.

Not everyone has a UPVC or composite door. So how do we know that the locks in wooden doors are adequate?
Locks in wooden doors should be a minimum 5 lever British Standard Mortice Lock, and will be marked BS3621 and carry the British Standard kitemark. You should find these details on the faceplate as shown in the photo here. Another way to confirm is to measure the bolt, it should protrude at least 20mm when locked.
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Cheap Locks

Cheap locks are not what you want.

The police recommend them, most home insurance providers insist on them, but what exactly are high security locks, or anti-snap locks? I’ve done a short video which will hopefully explain the difference between a cheap lock, and an anti snap, high security lock which will stop burglars entering your property.
As always, I am here for free help and advice, please get in touch…..and remember when getting quotes for your locks, if the quoted price sounds too good to be true, it definitely is!

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