Brand New Homes Might Not Be Secure!

Developers of brand new homes are not considering security on new homes.

I have been looking at this for some time now, and have spoken to a lot of new home owners, and I am shocked to find that a lot of new house developers are not giving home owners a choice when it comes to the security of their doors.  House alarms, yes…some have been given options.  But a house alarm lets you know when someone is in your home….too late.  High security locks will stop them getting in, in the first place.  Anyway, I digress on home alarms, back to my main point.

A prime example was a property I visited today.  The new home owner was concerned (and rightly so) that his locks were not up to standard.  When I arrived I noticed the front door was a composite door, much like the one in the photo below….gets a thumbs up from me, nice strong door!  Take note of the glass side panels, I’ll get to those next.

Black Composite Door photo for Locksmith Bradford Blog

But then I was let down by the fact that the euro cylidner lock in the door was not only a very very cheap lock, which offered no protection against a lock snap attack. But the lock was a thumbturn cylinder (like the one in the photo here).

Cheap Thumbturn Euro Cylinder Lock Bradford Locksmith
Now, the most astute of you might already have put two and two together.  For everyone else, put youself in the shoes of a burglar.  This kind of setup is his dream, quickly break the glass panel and hey presto, turn the thumbturn lock and entry gained in record time!  This is bad planning on the developers part.
Now, back to the lock being a very cheap one.  You would have thought that in this day and age, a lock in a new property would have to meet some kind of regulation, some kind of security acreditation or standard?
You’d be wrong.
In fact the only requirement is that the door must meet something called PAS24, which is a minimum requirement for doors (and windows).  In order to satisfy this requirement, a developer can install a high security multipoint mechanisim in the door.  Brilliant, but what good is a high security multipoint mechanism, when the euro cylidner lock at it’s very core, is a cheap thing that can be easily snapped?  So again, we have the possibility of a quick entry from a burglars perspective.
All of this makes no sense to me whatsoever, other than, most developers seem to be only satisfying the minimum requirements because they have to.  Anything beyond that is being done as cheap as possible, and to hell with the security of the new property.
Remember this…..the police recommendations and most home insurance requirements are that each door should have at least a 3 star solution.  This can be achieved by installing a 3 star cylinder, or a 1 star cylinder with 2 star handles.  The new home I visited today had a front door, a pair of french doors to the rear (two locks / handles) and bifold doors (two locks / handles).  NONE of these lock and handles combinations met even the minimum recommendations and requirements mentioned above!! This potentially means that should the home owner be burgled, the insurance could well be void!!
Check your insurance small print and, new home or old, get in touch for any help or advice, or to book a free home security check.