Digital Key Safe

Digital Key Safe Emergency Locksmith Bradford

In my latest video I take a look at this digital key safe.

The Keyguard Digital XL Key Safe is Burton Safe’s Police Approved key safe.  A hefty unit weighing in at approx 2KG this key safe is solid.  Not only has it passed the Secured by Design test for acreditation, it’s also achieved certification for LPS1175 Issue 8.  What the heck is LPS1175 Issue 8? I hear you ask…..put simply, it is a test of attack, and this key safe has been put through the mill against a physical attack and passed!

The words digital key safe simply means that the key safe uses numbers and letters, it is not battery powered or anything like that.  It’s actually a mechanical function and I will post another video showing how you can set the number code on the safe.

Inside, the key safe has plenty of room for two mortice lock keys and three euro lock keys….and then some!  Also room enough for key cards if you use card entry systems.  It has a built in hook for the keys and a reminder of height.  This is so you don’t place anything above the height of the hook as the door will not close properly.

It comes complete with wall fixings and an all round weather proof rubber cover.  The back of the rubber cover also acts as your template when marking your drill points for fixing…full instructions are supplied.  Outside, the numbers and letters are brightly coloured to make them easier to see in poor light, and a large easy to grip dial to lock and unlock the key safe.

All in all, probably one the best and most secure key safes you will find…Secured by Design says so!  You can buy these from my ebay shop or facebook shop, or simply get in touch to arrange purchase.  If you live in my area of covreage I also offer a supply and install service.  I have had many customers choose this key safe who have been referred to me via the Age UK Trusted Trader database.