Lock Lock Handles

These Lock Lock Handles

installed today for a customer look Ab Fab in polished gold!

The Lock Lock handles are from Brisant’s Sweet range of door furniture and come with a 20 year guarantee on the finish, making them always look as good as the day they were installed!

Brisant Lock Lock Cylinder Free Handles in Gold Internal

The image above shows the handles from inside, with the unique patented Spindle Lock which prevents the handle from being turned.

The image below shows the handles from outside, where the edgeless design of the handle body continues, and offers the ultimate protection.  It’s impossible to grip the handles with mole grips (an intruders tool of choice) which in turn, if you have the cylinder version, protects the cylinder from attack.

But what if an intruder uses his mighty force to turn the handle?  Lock Lock has this covered too, because the spindle is designed to sacrifice the outer part, and so the handle will just spin round.

Check out this video of the Lock Lock handle really being put to the test!

Brisant Lock Lock Cylinder Free Handles in Gold External