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Here is some important information about Ultion After Care.

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding your new locks.  You can also get me on my facebook business page here.

Ultion Key Control

The first thing you should do is register your keys with Ultion and Ultion Key Control, by visiting the website as detailed on the keyring that came with your new keys.  You have up to 30 days to register your keys after installation.

Ultion will only require you name and the key code (etched onto the keys) and an email address.  For security reasons, Ultion will not ask for, or store your address when registering.

Registering with Ultion Key Control, will help prevent any unauthorised keys being cut without your permission, and they also offer next day delivery on any spare keys you may need.

Ultion Guarantee Key Control

Ultion Graphite Lubricant

To ensure smooth operation and maintain the Ultion guarantee, you should use Ultion Lution graphite lubricant.  Unlike WD40 and other “wet” lubricants or oils, graphite will not attract and clump together any dust in the lock and thus prevent smooth operation.

Apply a very small amount of graphite to a key and insert the key into the lock and turn a few times, job done!  Once every 6 months should suffice.

Ultion Lution Graphite Lubricant

Home Insurance

Finally (and this is no guarantee but merely my own opinion and past experience) check your home insurance policy or call your provider.  You may need to let them know that you have had your security upgraded to Ultion 3* Sold Secure Diamond cylinders, and you may even benefit from a discount on your home insurance!

Ultion Accreditations