UPVC Door Won’t Open

Customer reported that their UPVC Door Won’t Open

Upon arrival at this customers, it was clear that something was not right with the master (main) door of these French doors / windows.  The UPVC door handle would not move up or down, but the cylinder lock was operating normally.

From the photo below you can see the UPVC door with the handle removed, the top hole is where the handle spindle passes through the door, and the gearbox inside the door.

UPVC Door With Handle Removed

On closer inspection I noticed that the part where the spindle passes through the gearbox was not square, which means that it had not returned back to it’s original position, like when you pull your door handle down and let go, it returns to it’s normal horizontal position.  The hole was in a diamond shape, and even worse, each corner of it was cracked.  This was a clear sign that the gearbox had failed and thus, was preventing the customer from opening the door.

Broken Spindle In UPVC Door

A new gearbox for the UPVC door had to be obtained and installed but as it was late in the day, I installed a temporary overnight lock to ensure the customer was secure for the night.  I then returned the next day to install the new gearbox, and the door was working perfectly again.

If you notice a change in the feel of your door handle, or it is showing signs of drooping, please get in touch with your local locksmith to check the parts before it becomes an expensive lockout situation.

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