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Broken UPVC Patio Doors Window Frame Keep
Broken French Door Window Frame Keep

Patio Doors Won’t Open or Close

It’s the time of year again where, because of the change of weather to hot sunshine, home owners are finding that the patio doors (French doors / windows) will not open, or won’t close after being opened.  These doors are normally closed for much of the year and when the nice weather comes, along with a large change in temperature, we find that the doors can become mis-shapen or may have dropped.

Any such change can cause the door to catch on the door frame and you may find that you need to lift the door in order to get it to close.  Once closed, you may also find that that it won’t lock.  All of this is caused by movement in the door caused by the change of weather and if not addressed, can require expensive repairs.

UPVC Patio Door Frame
UPVC French Door Frame

In the cae of these photos, the master door, or lead door of the patio / french windows had dropped quite considerably and as a result, it was catching on the slave door and the frame.  Instead of addressing the problem door, a previous home owner had instead decided to modify the slave (opposite) door so that it was no longer catching, by cutting away some of the UPVC door frame and removing the plastic packers which are located behind the door keeps.

Not only has this compromised the security of the door but it has also damaged it beyond repair.  This kind of practice is very much discouraged and I always, always recommend that you call your local independant locksmith Bradford if you notice any change in the way your door works.  Chances are that it will be an easy, and relativley inexpensive fix if done before it’s too late.

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